If you are changing from an outdoor court to an indoor court, here are tips on how to adjust your gameplay so you can be the best at tennis!

  1. Hit with more topspin
    • You want to hit a ball that is heavy with topspin and go farther in your opponent’s court. Indoor courts produce a smaller bounce, so go for the big shots.
  2. Use a big and flat serve
    • Indoor courts are fast. There is no wind or sun in the way. Hit a big and fast first serve because there is less elemental risk.
  3. Serve-and-volley
    • Don’t be afraid to go to the net! Serve and then run to the net to volley. There is a lower bounce produced so you have a higher chance of volleying back and surprising your opponent.
  4. Sliced backhands
    • Use a sliced backhand, one-handed if possible. The sliced backhands produce a very low bounce. Add that to the low bounce produced from indoor courts and you have a winner.
  5. Blunt return
    • When returning a serve, try to “blunt” the serve. This means don’t go for the biggest return you can but instead, make a short and well-placed return.

Originally posted 2019-04-15 15:43:20.